Samvad with Krishna Mohan: Dream Big, Does it Actually Work?

In this episode of Samvad with Krishna Mohan, we discuss the power of dreaming big. Does dreaming big actually help us achieve our goals?

We talk about the research that’s been done on the subject, and how dreaming big can help us achieve our goals. Whether it’s your career, your relationship, or your weight loss goals, dreaming big can help you achieve them!

Dreaming big means having the mental freedom to think about what you really want out of life and forget about all the reasons why you can’t make it a reality. It means having high standards for your life and setting the bar high for yourself.

Successful people dream big, even if a goal may seem extremely difficult to achieve. Dreaming big is more important than being realistic because dreaming big allows people to invent new technology and set big goals that may initially seem unrealistic, but through dedication, are achievable.

This talk is geared towards helping you create and achieve your dreams, big or small. Dream Big, and let’s see if it actually works! Dream big, dream big motivation, dreaming big, dreamer, big dreams, big dreamer, dreams unlimited, how does dreaming work, dream big works, motivational video, dream big work hard make it happen