MCQNA365 – Mentorship, Coaching, QnA for Life, 365 Days

MCQNA365 is a team of mentors and coaches and the name stands for Mentorship, Coaching Q and A i.e. questions and answers for life; 365 days a year.   As a team, we are here to mentor, guide and motivate you to become a better version of yourself and achieve anything that you have always wanted to achieve.  

At MCQNA365, we run a blogging website for the readers filled with very interesting articles; podcasts for those who just want to go listen and learn and a lot more. But then each day, the world is getting more and more attracted to video content, and we obviously want to be there on this journey as well. So ladies and gentlemen, MCQNA365 is now going to be on YouTube bringing you video content on your favorite topics. Both mentoring and coaching help develop professional relationships. By offering support and encouragement to others, you inspire them to do likewise.

Our channel will have videos which bring value to your life and management lessons from various sources like the Vedas, Ancient Scripts and Modern Education system. The onus of finding your personal motivation is on you. You will find it in things that matter to you, things that give you inspiration and energy.

For most people, it’s the career they want, it’s what pays the bills, but beyond that, it’s something more fundamental – they want to make a difference, to be of value.

We want to become a bridge between those people and their success. If you feel motivated by making a contribution to society, then go after your dream, because you deserve it.

Voice Credits: Loyson Paes

-Team Mcqna365